Sad Poems

Poems to Cuddle Up With


My failures resounding
To cry is to die;
Not completely, just a little
Deep down on the inside.
And whatever may reside
With the anguish put aside,
And through heavy committal,
We can try instead of die;
The tears turned into a black eye
That will heal, though brittle;
And we no longer have to hide
Inside a conflicting divide
Created by the things we must provide
To the people that are non-committal
And lead us to cry;
Not tears of Happiness,
Or Joy, or Sappiness;
But tears of a lost splendor,
Dissolved by the blender
Of bad words, bad timing, bad intentions;
The great things we do that go unmentioned;
And how it could ultimately be too late
To mention, and caress, and satiate;
When love turns to hate and it’s all too much to take
So you just call your mate.

It doesn’t really help because they can’t spoon you, whisper to you, enjoy you or take you for a ride. They’re just by your side, but never in you. Only near you, but not near enough for all the times it gets so tough that you want to tap out. Because near you isn’t what it’s all about after all, it just feels too small and is never quite enough. That’s what makes this all so rough...