Sad Poems

Poems to Cuddle Up With

The Glow

Not for what you look like do I love you,
But who you are;
But who you were;
But who you're going to be:
A proud Mother
A scared Child
A kind GrandMother
Who once met a tough guy.

Finds security,
Loses Family,
All the while scared of her security;
Loses Faith,
Finds Insecurity,
All the while security unsecuring her;
Finds happiness,
Loses security,
All the while tainting the happiness;
Loses happiness,
Finds Love,
All the while loneliness preceding love;

Tough Guy turns into Jerk Guy,
Leaving the emotional gambit high

All the time

Proud Mother turns into Sad Mother,
Leaving Jerk Guy to marinate -sigh-,

All the while

Dictating the very events and movements
Of all things around her to protect her,

To stay lost

In the infinite digital dwelling of our youth
That ensnares her, giving her something

By taking away

All those small things: the small victories,
The small condolences, the small minded

Gross realizations:

By yourself,
By the hearth,
By the screen,
Buy all the things to off-put
The onset of the secluded, insulatory,
All-encompassing facets of an unobserved diamond;
A diamond that's buried itself deeply
Back in the rock, hoping to be left alone
Because it's been alone
And doesn't understand why
By and by,
By itself it
Buys it's self
More solitude by the glow
Of an apparatus that only
"Bye"s it's self, leaving no trace
As it resets the next thing with haste
Of all the great tastes and diversions
Formally known as a happiness
Once solid and tangible
But now left to terminate
In the soft glow
Of vacuous nothingness