Sad Poems

Poems to Cuddle Up With

Light Switch

Only in our truly darkest moments do we find those most happy truths.
And only with those happiest truths do we find ways to calm and soothe.
And only with our calming, soothing ways do we find the truth of truths:
Our happy truths create darkness from inside the fountain of our lost youth, and in truth,
We calm and soothe by turning out the light
And embracing our darkest nights.

The darkness priming our life,
And creating the brilliance of that light.
The light that shows us what we could see;
Illuminates the path to who we should be;
A gleaming glimpse of where we could go;
A bright luminescence of what we should know;

Ever so agitated, calmed;
Ever so damaged, soothed;
Ever so sullied, serenity;
Ever so worried, relieved;
A calming, soothing, serene relief in the form of a lantern showing us the way to the wellspring;

A spring so well and deep that it makes us believe we’re us again.