Sad Poems

Poems to Cuddle Up With

Disparate Soliliquy

A fierce love
Aided by youth
Blessed by naivete
With little proof
Quickly and


The seasons changed,
The years passed,
Once-important love
Flying at half-mast


Time not spent
Embraces denied
"If only..." she sighed.


With Security Implicit
Everyone else comes first
No time to solicit
Feelings, ready to burst.


No, a person...
The one who SHOULD Care,
but doesn't
Seeming to, but leaving one


Chores completed
Children abounding
Back row seated
Passions drowning

...In Silence

Always looking forward,
Ahead, again and again,
"Chin Up" she thinks, toward
A potential better future


Embraces Rejected,
Conditions Inspected,
Defects Detected,


A Sad Submission
Implicit Diversion brings her a
Recognition, Through Intuition
An Evaluation of the Conditions:

...A sad submission to the fact that she's always alone.

...The person she loves most is never home.

...Out and about, around town with friends, not picking up the phone.

Always... Alone

Always... Alone

Always... Alone

A gross realization that
Despite the circumstances,
Wearing many different hats,
And many, many chances
...A love has been left to die

Always charging ahead,
Blindly ignorant of what's behind him
It's behind him, it doesn't matter

Or does it?

Garnering a useful perspective
Hopefully not too late
To fix all the things he's done wrong
He hopes it's not too late

To fix his mistakes

Many, many mistakes
Forged in complicit denial
Of the things that are important
Truly important

How could he lose sight of
The very reason he cares to begin with?
The wife,
The mother,
The root
Of the very tree he's growing.

No others
In all the world
Could make him feel
Like he does when she's with him
And it's showing

Cold, Alone
Stuck in a bad dream
And all the while
Everything seems...fine
But it's not, and it's growing

A feeling of unrest
Which seems manifest
To destroy everything he has
Pounding in his chest

In requisite solace
A conclusion is drawn:

How can he live his life without her?

Is she not

The flower to his pollen?

The river to his lake?

The sunrise to his sunset?

The wind to his kite?

...Of course she is!

How could he doubt?

He looks inside himself
And, realizing,
Glaringly obvious as it should be,
She is everything.

The days pass by;
His only hope is that
The future is






Maybe he can repair
His gravest mistake
Of leaving her there
Lying in wait
For him...always

Always when he's not looking.

And now that he his,
His boldest hope
Is that in this moment of time
He will be able to show

How much he cares;
How wrong he's been over the years;


To find and comfort all of her fears

To reach softly to wipe her tears

To love her and always stay near

To put her ahead of his career

To help her and not steer

To drink less beer

To hear...

To see...

To feel...

All the things that make her the most special person in the world to him;

Without exception
With inflection
Withstanding rejection

To see


Most Intelligent

Most Beautiful

Most Caring

Most Loving

Person he's ever wanted to know

...Come back to him.