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True Blue Blood

Crumbling tired eyes tell of all the tries and all the lies
And all the times we've traveled all those miles in disguise
And from the top of the mountain we do so fly with the flies
And how we die without our dyes to help us live the lies
Our Lives speak to us

A vacant expression of mismatched, misunderstood distractions
And all the interactions we've missed because we're pissed
About all the interactions we didn't miss, but miss the checklist
And leave us pissed on rather than pissed off and just because we persist
Our Hearts speak to us

...but we don't listen.
If only she knew how truly blue I am.
Not blue like the ocean, but like a week old bruise.

It's all good in the hood though...
Making bucks and ducking giving fucks
Is what I do know
I do know how to do well
And in the swell
I drop my tightest moves to the bell
Of my infinite swelling to tell the truth,
I bring all that smokey couth,
And never look back at my diminished youth

Because it is what it was but will never be again
That feeling of being friends, will never be again
A close tie to the heart that will never be again
Can't explain why it's slain but I'll see you in the end
Of this beginning of a new strain but we'll turn around again
And make a difference for each other cause that's what makes it end.