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Poems to Wonder About

The Crystalline Shard

Of all the beautiful things,

Of all the beautiful things in the world,

None enkindled so brightly as
The crystalline shard.


Of all the inspiring things,

Of all the inspiring things in the world,

None presented so gallantly as
The crystalline shard.


Of all the glamorous things,

Of all the glamorous things in the world,

None advanced so elegantly as
The crystalline shard

It's depth to behold, so intelligently
Moving one to the deepest of thoughts in an instant and retracting back through seemingly infinite universes...

Such an engrossing object
Of all the propitious things
That make it confect
The many paths of a wellspring
Running deeply and commencing so precipitously
That ascension or descension is nigh;

Won't touch the crystalline shard

Ascension is underway
This very day he seeks to put away
His desire for the shards beauty;
He must swim through its many springs
Diving through the waves;
He must find the correct flexions
To solicit the opening of connections
Of the million facets of this crystalline object

Can't touch the crystalline shard

Precipice reached,
Journey complete,
He's found the shard!
Now only to remove it from its embedding;
Immovable! He's flummoxed
After a journey to this summit
He's brought no tools to pluck it
From its engrained perch in so much stone;

Don't touch the crystalline shard...

He moves with his hand
To bring a timely end
To his search for the shard;
Upon adroitly gathering his wits
He attempts to remove the shard by hand
And in this moment he's lost again;

He's ejected with so much clever fervor by the shard:
Down the spring,
Down the mountain,
To the base of it, where it all began.
He gets up once more,
Wipes the dirt from his clothes;
Continues his journey back up the mountain
Head and heart full of prose
To once again win this shard he'd had in his hand
So many years ago.
Never truly realizing the lesson anew:

...the shard touches you.