Poetic Ponderings

Poems to Wonder About


Happy when I am
Sad when I’m not;
Fear for my future
Angry cause it’s not
Feeling contrite
Smoking some Pot
Less anger now,
But feeling hot;
Always so warm,
Too hot to trot
To see what I’ve sought
In the darkest part of what I’m not
...A completion if you will
Or maybe a shill
Of shillings so ill;
To harness the will;
To take the pill
And walk up the hill
To a bright sunrise;
Or a sunset, reprised.
Up or down doesn’t matter,
It’s about the lives of
All the blades of grass we step on to the get the top of the hill.
A Man
A Mountain
A Mountainous Menagerie of Monotonous, Miniscule Malevolences
A Mitigation of the Masterful Musterings of Microscopic Materials
Mapping the Mass Mends needed to escape the Mire