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Greater Than

"We’re just done"
Done with the way we thought about how things should be;
Done with all the shielding, the held words and expressions;
With the false presumptions and micro-aggressions;
Done with all the things that make me feel like less than.
Less than I should be,
Less than I am;
Less than I was,
Less than I could BE.
Isn’t it always less, never more?
Why do they always lower you to the floor
When they could lift you up, enhancing the core?
What made the relationship possible? They swore
That I’d always be important, but not anymore...
Waking up in an ice bath is something to behold...
It makes you feel like you were already cold,
Before now, before "then," before all the tens
And twenties that stack up to make that win.
Like you’ve always been that way, on the inside:
You tried and cried, and just died a little to hide
All the inequities that bring them to THIS side
Of an equation that will never turn tide
To show the real truth no one ever sees;
That YOU are > ME