Poetic Ponderings

Poems to Wonder About


How I linger on a sullen syllable;
Of the things I make spillable.
Tillable by me in my mellow mind,
A syllable never to be left behind
On the sill in the stable.

The stable of my mind
So unstable and yet stable,
But blind to the times and rhymes
That achieve my ultimate billable:
Those things contemptible
By definition a syllable
Of my syllable to you.

In my egress I detest
All of me left with you;
The tiny parts at your behest
...Left only to test
All parts in the crucible.
A syllable of doables
On the checklist for tomorrow;
A diligent escape plan
To narrowly escape the principal
That leaves everything negotiable.
An analytical provisional
For my vision, inexplicable.