Love Poems

Poems to Become Infatuated With

The Green

The green
Oh, the green
The moment the green strikes you
You're unfortunate enough to
Find yourself in an immeasurable
Pit of everything that’s unattainable
And are reduced
To a drooling, sorry lustful mess seduced
By a glorious soiree of everything deduced
All the days you care enough to ask yourself what the difference really is.


And in those finer moments,
The finer points of a finer peace arrive unexpectant;
So many bridges to cross,
Inundated with memories of loss so respected
That it becomes reflected on to us, growing like moss
Until we’re covered by all the shared inadequacy;

To Stop

The ineffective moanings from a lost childhood door
The unrepentant lessons learned about things
Things best left to adults that internally sting
In ways that we’ll never understand
And can’t stand to demand an explanation for.
Personal loss, Personal gain,
Personal attachment to so much pain
That it floods into and out of us like acid more and more.


"Deserve" is a tricky word; It implies
That all the lows and highs
All the truths and lies
And subtle ties and alibis
Are a math formula for what we’re due;
But isn’t it true that we write the script?
Aren’t we due what’s true to us?
Isn’t it said that life and love can be new to us?
And whoever said there can’t be two of us
In the dust and fuss
Of so many one-sided gestures and crust
Built into what could be beautiful, true, and just?
An understanding of what we must do
In order to to find ourselves and just be "us"
We all deserve what makes us complete, we just have to get on that bus.


We were always us, and always will be
Whether tree or dust in our expansive sea
Of love and trust
Us is from what people flee as far as possible or bust.
Never seeing the sea, never feeling the trust,
Never coming back from "Me," never doing what we must
To get off the boat and see;
To be the sea we so mistrust in our misplaced lust to seed
All the things we think are "just"
Just for us to have, just for "Me"
Just leave me alone to set me free

With Others

After all, haven’t we always been what we’re going to be?
Isn’t it true that it’s preset from the start who is "me"? Who are we?
Ultimately, we’re all just a pile of needs and wants perched so lonely on a cliff waiting for that someone else to be "Us"