Love Poems

Poems to Become Infatuated With

The Color RED

The color red shows
Everything he knows
In all the fits and rage
On every visible stage
Where he’s lost himself
To prop up herself
Through hard work
And even with a smirk
He continues to dilute
Without nary a salute
Because "what’s a tie without a suit?"

Suited for this style,
She always has a smile;
Doing for others,
Going the mile,
Just a bit more,
She picks herself up from the floor
Time and again
Never to win
Only tieing in this suit
Of the game that put her on mute

Muted and scarred,
She’s holding in high regard
The things which give us closure;
Our selflessness
Leading us to over-exposure;
Trailing lines behind us
Of the rough path taken to disclosure;
Leading windingly around you
Creating a padded enclosure;
Always forward, never back
Maddingly towards a permanent foreclosure;
Sure we want to win,
We’re ready to lose ourselves for them;
Sure we always sin
Because you can’t spell selfless without self;
And you can’t live your life without support
Because you can’t walk alone, sylph;
And you can’t allow yourself to be sold short
Because you deserve everything when you always ask for nothing.