Love Poems

Poems to Become Infatuated With

Love Is Flaws

To love is to accept the current failure rate
Of the things about other people that are most important to us;

The very origins of our sorrows,
Transfixed in comparisons between the griefs
And the misunderstandings most common amongst us:

Mine is mine, only mine
Yours is yours, not mine,
But isn't everything really Mine AND yours?

Ours are for us, only us
Theirs are for them, not us
Collapsed into separate boxes to be distinguished apart

Greed and embarrassment,
Hatred and arrogance,
Tyranny and lust,
And selfish distrust,
Create a never-ending symphony
Of resounding pain
That would be sustained
From one generation to the next, and into dust

Seeded and nurtured
To be a primary focus,
A governing force that resides
Inside all of us, every person.
Somehow everybody
Has some way to explain
How they've caused pain
To some person in their life index

To separate ourselves
To take a moment longer
To understand when you cannot
To feel when you can feel
To be accountable to others,
All the time,
And suddenly you realize:

You are me, and I am you