Love Poems

Poems to Become Infatuated With


Selfish wants always
Characterize who we are
But don't define us

Selfless acts always
Fulfill others but never us
Why don't we see this

Of all the things here
In so many words and phrases
You'll find me my dear

Finishing a beer
And wishing you were here now
To help define to me

How I can be a
Better person and lover
To wit, under the cover

I find I love her
For many reasons, I discover
Not because we fuck

Because she is great
I hover in the distance
Waiting patiently

To others, a fool
To myself a just tooling
To bring happiness

To the one person
Who showed me a compassion
So great and thorough

And so I burrow
Deeper into myself now
To figure it out

Just how I can help
Help all the small things seem better
Better for her and me