Love Poems

Poems to Become Infatuated With

Flight Crew of 2

Of all the flows
And all the days
She teaches me
All that she knows

What she says
As the wind blows
And when the times are right
She curlin my toes

These are the days
Of our lives
Gotta live em right
Or else the fight
To feel better
Just passes you by

Workin for the man
To makes things better
It seems things get made
But are they really much better

A better bitter salute
To me and you
And how we always
Find a way to get
Back up that chute

Me and you
A group of two
On a stage set down
By all the clowns
We’ve always known some how

Then in the light of the night
Everything feels just right
But leaves us to find a fight
That puts our minds in flight
Just right

A flight crew of two,
Just me and you
Sailing into the night to find
What feels right and leaves us feeling
Bright and new

Then another sleepless night
Not wrapped up tight
For another day to spray
Our kindness onto the blight
That makes us feel this way
Like perfume just right

For all the times spent
On all these rhymes I’ve bent
I’ve never meant to waste a dime
On trying for something that just
Leaves me dying

Another day another dolla
What am I thinking
It’s never been a problem
To be a lonely follower
Of the dreams I have
Always taller than my ambition
But you’ll never hear me holla
About the the good times and bad
The things that make me sad
Or how I treat myself,
Worse than everyone else.