Love Poems

Poems to Become Infatuated With


An unbelievable amount of enthusiasm.
An unequivocal amount of brilliance.
An incomparable amount of beauty.
An insurmountable goal to be had, for sure.
Sure one can never be so happy
Sure one can never be so delighted,
so delicate...
so diligent...
so dastardly...
so deliverant...
Of the innocent, innocuous,... yet insatiable appetite for something just a little better than before.
One more better thing.
One more truer thing.
One more honest thing.
As it’s so simple,
Never is it so direct
With that cute dimple
Attached to a smile so simple... that it in effect renders you unable to make sense of what’s up.
An interesting experience, bar none.
Definitely to be had in the sun,
Where all the fun is; and was;
Until it wasn’t, no pause
On all the things bringing fuzz
And a slightly embezzled buzz
To the table at this point in time.
It’s silly to think a rhyme
Could define...
In all its majesty,
All the times
I found myself in her rhymes.
Her anecdotes about how to sign
My life away with just a rhyme.
A single time or two
Just me and you,
Thinking about how it could be;
Or how it should be for us;
A situation of ’must’
Mustered with a lust
For a person to just... listen to who we are when we talk and a time for a pause so delicate.
And so I do, and so she does,
An infinite resounding switch of love.

Shared thoughts, shared minds, shared bodies and rhymes to pass the time we’re not us.