Love Poems

Poems to Become Infatuated With


Lips slowly interlocking,
A majestic embrace
Of the taste... of satisfaction;
Cradling curved lip
To curved soul,
A complete form is aroused;
Doused in the many intangible
Emotional digressions of days unspeaking.
Infrangible is the connection made;
The soft, blanched direction
Of tongue tip to moist lip
Leaves only one outcome;
A penetration of mind and soul;
Bodies linked to bodies drenched
In the sweat of so much frustration;
A release, a tease, what a tease
All the times it’s not;
As they cast aside
All things derided from an
Irritating amount of dumb
And witless interactions,
Too many distractions,
And a love of wit (to be true).
Does it leave me and you
So new, and yet blue, and crude with couth
So behooved
It leaves us always wanting more;
More of the best thing we can dream
And bring forth on so many wings
It lifts us up and away
From the most awful days
And ways that we brave through
To find each other again;
You go to my head like so much wine
And I wish I was inside you all the time;
Inside and out,
Mouth to mouth we drown
To be resuscitated again
With the devious sin
That placed us in
This hatch of serendipitous
Repetition-less mess of bliss;
Low whines and moans
And caressing tones,
Hands on backs, on shoulders,
Faces, hair, everywhere we need it to feel just right.

And right it feels, that deep in the night
The whispers of love and bliss speak that
We have what’s bright and deep and tight.
Soft salty sweat of breasts and cheeks so fine,
That smell and taste of the peaks and mines
We so urgently seek,
Everyday of the week,
In necessary release
Of our insecurities...
Our own mutual disease.
It always truly speaks
To what we really don’t have enough of:
An honest embrace that runs the race to give a base for the selfless engagement we so urgently seek.