Love Poems

Poems to Become Infatuated With

A Pale Mosaic

A pale mosaic
Of all the best things
You’ve ever had in your life;
Each tiny piece carefully stitched
In such a way that details are missed
But not lost,
Not lost at all.
Only relinquished to the back
With a meaningful retraction

And there it sits,
In all its absolute fits,
Waiting wondering watching
Wanting wishfully for this:
This thing that sits
In between all the true grit
And shit to be had to bring
About the demise of it;

What a unique star,
A unique pattern,
From the infinite it wanders to wonder
What will be had with it;
In this single solitary moment
It stands alone, unaware;
Unaware of the love facing it.
From one direction so brightly
That it makes everything dim slightly,
Obfuscated from a view so contritely

It illuminates it all with its warm glow
Always eager to shine and show
A show worth a thousand words,
Nay, a million words
The greatest show on Earth!
No flash photography,
Pick up your trash,
No petting the animals.

Every zoo is a petting zoo if you're not a bitch