Love Poems

Poems to Become Infatuated With

A Just Life

Always spectacular
Always enjoyable
Always refined
Always dirty (just a little)
Always refreshing
Always tasteful
Always not enough
(I could take minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years of it really)

You’re a great person in every way;
You light up my life, every day
That I get to spend time with you;
Talk with you;
Mock with you;
And jock with you,
About the unimportant things;
I can’t wait for the opportunity
To spend more time,
More effort,
More enthusiasm,
More entrepreneurial spirit,
More affection,
More life... Just life
Or what it should be
For you and me
On all the important things
That inevitably bring us closer
To what we SHOULD be, and how we SHOULD feel...
All the time, anywhere