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A Fucked Up OOH LA LA

All . the time I’ve spent wondering about myself and who I am
I’ve . never encountered a blockade of such magnitude;
Ever . thought that I would lose all my fortitude;
Wanted . more than I was willing to lose;
Was . provoked to the point to choose
To Be . myself or to be different
Whole . and complete

Everything . I’ve ever thought I wanted
I’ve . ever thought I needed
Ever . standing by myself;
Is . just a poke
You . are the smoke
Just You . are the fire

The . game of life is played on all fours
Only . the participants know why for;
Thing . is, no one really knows the score;
I . can’t compete without doing more,
Can’t . win the race without being sore;
Work . for the end to heal my core;
For . just one tiny thing for me, just this once.

If . I had this one tiny thing,
I . would write it verse and sing,
Ever . the happy bird in my roost.
Had . I ever had the chance before
The . clock wouldn't tick so hard anymore.
Chance . that I could get out of this noose?
I . give all I have to everyone else
Would . they give it back? Not to myself
Take . it from me, the knot feels loose...
It . slips slowly away, like a badly tied ship
And . never holds me back, but just at the tip
Never . letting me feel the boost;
Look . around yourself, what to lose?
Back . to the issue of what I can choose…