Life Poems

Poems for a Broader Experience


Wanting is a curse
Internally, it implies that we deserve something
Externally, it infers that we need something
But, need is not want;
We need oxygen, food, water, shelter
We want love, compassion, closeness

Don’t we manufacture these things?
Aren’t they just a manifestation from what we do?
"Be positive"
"Be optimistic"

Positivity a blind man’s crutch,
Optimism a naked man’s clothing
Formed in the clutch
Of things we feel aren’t worth noting

Always working towards what we want,
Never seeing the other side of the front
We’ve created for ourselves with a daunting
Approach of self-imposed encroach
Always moving closer to the haunting realization
Never feeling how we should, just indignation
For our situation in which we can only

We choose to win or choose to lose.
Isn’t that the statement of a wise man?
Sometimes choosing is just a noose
Cleverly placed as part of our "plan"
In our book illustrated by Dr. Seuss
And financed by our work for "the man"

"There are no such things as a free lunch"