Life Poems

Poems for a Broader Experience

Final Dance

They are our seeds,
We are their fruits.
They knit our lives
And stitch our suits
They teach us everything we know,
Sometimes by teaching nothing at all;
We walk in their shadow
Down a seemingly endless hall;
One day we are free,
Then it takes years to see,
That we are all they want to be.
By the time we have the chance
To take them to their final dance,
We’re too busy with too many distractions,
And we create a protracted excuse
Why we can’t make it, total inaction,
And then they’re gone, the final cruise.

So we spend our minutes and hours,
Our days and our weeks so very sour
At how we squandered our chance
To see them make that final dance.
And on and on we ponder so long
About how we were started so strong
And then missed those final calls
Just to say I love you, to see the falls,
All in all
More questions to go unanswered
More thoughts not shared
More birthdays missed
More time spent scared

They were our compass, not true north,
Just a line to walk, always to set forth
Who we should be in those moments in our lives when we just don’t know what the fuck to do.

Good decisions and bad,
All that was happy and sad,
They were us before we were
And it leaves you to wonder
Who we’re leaving behind
Our lives so intertwined
For so long, now long gone,

Now they’re just gone.