Life Poems

Poems for a Broader Experience


Happiness is sappiest
When applied with a brush;
Painted over the things
That look dull yet plush;

Oh, sweet joyous perturbation,
How you keep us barely flush
With all the lush things
That create our so plush
Misunderstanding of how we feel;

It raises the sun and moon,
Lifting the heavens for us;
Cleverly crafting a smile
From a neat pile of dust;
It lights our eyes and soul,
Creating for our life a lust
To feel it again and again,
To see it become an entrust
For someone else to have;

Searching for that thing robust
Enough to hold that smile on us;
Happiness is a curse as much
As a blessing, we feel the tough
Friendship between hate and love
Every time we’re not happy about it
Or anything else;

Always stuck in a cycle, never realizing that to have happiness all the time we have to put aside all the inequities of what makes us unhappy. You can only look one way or the other, but never both. They stare at us from each side of the fence, demanding our attention;

Sadness, the easy way out;
Happiness the hardest road, no clout
Because for some reason people have a real hard time watching other people be happy when they’re not;
Never giving one thought to the fact that our lack of happiness is not luck;
It’s us in the back of the truck,
Looking the wrong way, just feeling stuck...
When in fact we’re going 70 the way we’re not facing, life just continuing on, not giving a fuck about how we feel about it;
So it’s up to us not to grab that wheel, but face the right way so we know where the hell we're going.
When all we see is happiness, it’s hard not to be.
Oh sweet joyous deliberation;
Leading us back and forth,
Forth and back again through the firth
Of not really knowing which way to turn;
Like "a+b=c," it’s just a formulaic expression
Of the options we have, no right answers just
Figures to plug in, but which figures must
Apply to satisfy our expression with trust
That the "c" will be what’s right for us?
No wrong answers, either, just...

A list of things we want that we can have with the right application of the formula.
How do we arrange it?