Life Poems

Poems for a Broader Experience


de‧liv‧er‧ance / noun
1. the action of being rescued or set free.
"prayers for deliverance"

To be the captive audience;
A solo person in an ensemble
Of all the needs of someone else.
The necessity of clairaudience
Being left to crumble
When your motor’s off the belts.
The good times, the bad
All the things you had
But have just lost in that fire.
It’s not really sad;
Just a want ad
For better things to transpire.
And then, suddenly
You realize sullenly
That your out of the pan and into the fryer;
A pit of red hot indifference,
Love mixed with bitterness;
Wings clipped, you can go no higher...

Here comes someone less ignorant,
A person who brings deliverance;
Turning things into a raging brushfire
That ultimately erases those sins;
The ones that made everything belligerent.
Making things to inspire a desire
To be less timorous
To walk the wire
And leave behind the fire
That drains all desire
To be un-admired and mired
Deeply in an eternal spire
To be a normal person and feel good about yourself.