Life Poems

Poems for a Broader Experience


A moral charity in which case
You obfuscate through distaste
the intangible small things like happiness;
And with it brings all the mellow illusions of a tranquility once shared formally
And now informally dismissed like so many flies on the rim of a glass;
All the other dim things are more important
All the other things become discordant on a whim



Deliriously Absorbant for them;

Half-hatched and half-delivered

At any moment’s selfless convenience

With a glaring hush of suppression

To the ultimate core of its transgressions

Against the foremost thing to be needed;

All the other dim things aren’t going anywhere anyhow.
And somehow, someway, in every imperfectly meshed moment,
Meshing turns to



glossing over

glaring over

over compensation

under appreciation

emotional vandalism

internal cataclysms

To see clearly is not clarity;

To feel dearly shouldn’t be disparity;

Our feelings needn’t be charity

Dispensed with such regularity

That we find we’ve lost the rarity

And those things of peculiarity

That make us who we are deep down on the inside;

The inside of our heart, where our love comes from

The inside of our mind, where our thoughts make us one

The inside of our soul, where we connect with some

The inside of our body, where we connect for fun