Life Poems

Poems for a Broader Experience

Change Is Like A Wheel

Change is like a wheel
It can be spare, it can be loose,
But most of all what changes
Is how you feel and the way you deal;
And how you treat other people.
Socially, Politically, Personally
It’s all just a wheel
That feels very real

Rolling, you inside and everyone out
Like a crazy redundant play house
That ultimately drives you mad;
Nothing really changes, just how people act
because how they feel
And the way they deal
Shows evidence of just that;
Ruminations and deliberations
Leave just enough thought
To deliver the punch-line of change
We so actively sought;
But in that moment,
We feel like it’s not:
Not good or great,
Not what we bought
Or how we want it,
Changed or not;
That it leaves us
Alone to just rot
In our own thought
About what it should be;

Ultimately leaving us with a dry taste like cheap gin, exactly what we bought; but not before we realize it’s too hot and we’re just standing there without a care, no battle left to be fought, no pot to piss in, nothing really... just an open field devoid of anyone but ourselves.

And in solace, unity.
And in happiness, sobriety.
To nurture should be -to be- nurtured.